• Peat Sorb™ is an environmentally friendly oil absorbent product from Western Canada.
  • The pillows and socks are filled with Peat Sorb™ that can be used to contain oil spills and seepage.
  • Peat Sorb™ is a modified peat product with a moisture content of 7% – 10%. When dried to this level it repels water and absorbs oil on contact.
  • Peat Sorb™ is equally effective on land and water.
  • Peat Sorb™ is non-leaching. A hydrocarbon absorbed into Peat Sorb™ is retained until it degrades.
  • Peat Sorb™ is a humic mass that is already biodegraded; it will not break down further if disposed of in a landfill site.
  • Peat Sorb™ is lightweight for easy handling and transportation.
  • Peat Sorb™ is non-abrasive. It can be used around machinery without fear of damage to metal, plastic or rubber parts.
  • Peat Sorb™ pads and rolls retain more oil than the leading polypropylene.
  • Peat Sorb™ can be applied manually or mechanically.
  • Peat Sorb™ will pick up a full range of petroleum products from crude oil to gasoline and has been used to solidify and absorb resins, PCB’s, coal tars, fatty acids and hydrocarbon based inks
  • Pound for pound Peat Sorb™ is about eight times as effective as clay based “kitty litter” type sorbents.
  • Peat Sorb™ products will not attract insects or rodents.
  • Peat Sorb™ has been tested in independent laboratories and meets the requirement of the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure, the Paint Filter Test and the Liquid Release Test.
  • Peat Sorb™ is an effective vapour suppressant.
  • Peat Sorb™ can be buried or burned in most jurisdictions subject to restrictions that may apply if it has been used to clean up hazardous waste.
  • Peat Sorb™ products provide a comprehensive approach to meeting long standing environmental responsibilities and new legal requirements.
  • Peat Sorb™ products are used daily around the world in ships, factories, transportation facilities, ports, refineries, garages, boats and golf courses; the products are available from local stocking distributors.